AYSO Region 298

Dowagiac Youth Soccer League

Welcome Players, Families, Volunteers and Visitors!

Providing a quality soccer program to Dowagiac, Niles, Eau Claire, Decatur, Cassopolis, Marcellus and Sister Lakes

AYSO Region 298 Board members

Name Position Phone # E-Mail Address
LaDonna Sandora Regional Commissioner 574-551-2968 RegionalCommissioner@AYSO298.org
April Johnson Regional Registrar 269-635-2668 Registrar@AYSO298.org
Brandon Sandora Regional Coach Administrator 269-462-5679 CoachAdministrator@AYSO298.org
Brandon Sandora Regional Coach Trainer 269-462-5679 CoachTrainer@AYSO298.org
Dave Ironside Regional Referee Administrator 269-876-7217 RefereeAdministrator@AYSO298.org
Dave Ironside Regional Referee Trainer 269-876-7217 RefereeTrainer@AYSO298.org
Chris Kroepel Regional Treasurer 269-782-6420 Treasurer@AYSO298.org
Melisa Cowley Ways & Means / Sponsors 269-462-1904 WaysAndMeans@AYSO298.org
OPEN POSITION Fields & Equipment na FieldAndEquipment@AYSO298.org
OPEN POSITION Regional Secretary 269-208-0507 Secretary@AYSO298.org
Melisa Cowley Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate 269-462-1904 CVPA@AYSO298.org
OPEN POSITION Board Trainer na BoardTrainer@AYSO298.org
Melisa Cowley Regional Safety Director 269-462-1904 Safety@AYSO298.org
April Johnson V.I.P. Program Coordinator 269-635-2668 VIP@AYSO298.org
Jennie Torbit Concession Stand Coordinator 269-621-5717 ConcessionStand@AYSO298.org
OPEN POSITION Asst. Referee Administrator na assistantrefereeadministrator@AYSO298.org
Jim Hunsberger Webmaster 818.482.5903 Webmaster@AYSO298.org